4 cool activities for kids in Colombo

4 cool activities for kids in Colombo

When two becomes three and even if you’re a proud single parent, travelling with a kid isn’t as easy as it seems and to ensure a great family vacation, you have to plan it properly, giving much attention to even the tiniest details. When you visit Sri Lanka, usually you’d spend a day or two in Colombo either before driving off to explore the rest of the island or towards the end of your trip. Being the cosmopolitan capital of the island, Colombo has plenty to offer, but to make your city stay an enjoyable one for your kids, you have to plan it beforehand. We’ve put together a list of kid-friendly things to do in Colombo to make your life much easier.

A picnic at Viharamaha Devi Park

Nestled in the heart of Colombo, Viharamaha Devi Park is beautiful and serene, shaded by a canopy of green. The park has much including a stationary large toy train as well as a jungle gym to keep the little ones entertained. There’s also a classic suspension bridge at the middle of the park. With charming water fountains and massive trees, the park sets the ideal ambience for a picnic. Make sure to avoid the bat trees as bat guano certainly won’t make your experience a pleasant one. You can ask your hotel to put together a picnic hamper or you can buy some goodies to munch on from a local supermarket.

A visit to Planetarium

The Sri Lanka Planetarium in Colombo is a good idea if your kids are in love with space adventures. The rather unconventional structure of the Planetarium resembles a feathered headdress worn by Native American tribal chiefs. The Planetarium has a 360-degree dome that virtually takes the kids on a space journey. The descriptive narration (request for the English one) that runs throughout the show is sure to educate the little ones. The Planetarium is open from Tuesday to Sunday and is closed on Monday and public holidays. Make sure to reserve the tickets beforehand.

Bird watching at Baddegana Wetland Park

Just a 30-minute drive away from central Colombo lies a green oasis, which is home to almost 80 species of birds. A meticulously landscaped wetland park, throughout which crisscrosses a boardwalk, a couple of inches raised above the marsh. Either visit the park in the morning or in the evening to sight its avian inhabitants. The little ones would be thrilled to climb up its bird watching tower and spot vibrant birds here and there. The park is usually open throughout the week from 6.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

An evening spent by the Galle Face Green

The green promenade of the bustling city, the Galle Face Green comes alive as the sun begins to set, painting the sky in golden hues. Fanned by the balmy sea breeze, the Galle Face Green is one of Colombo’s top recreational spaces. The kids can try their hands at kite flying (you can buy a kite from one of many kite vendors out there). Or else, get them a little bubble blower to double the fun of their bubbly evening. Though there is a bunch of street-food stalls, be mindful when choosing the dishes as many of them could be too spicy for kids. But the local candy floss sellers offer a super sweet treat to appease them and there’s even several ice cream carts to enjoy a scoop or two.