Top 5 Wellness Retreats in Sri Lanka

The top 5 wellness retreats in Sri Lanka and why they will be a vital part of Sri Lanka holidays in 2021.

Health and Wellness Travel in 2021

After a year of little-to-no travel, limited time outdoors, too much time alone and no physical contact, it is hardly surprising that health and wellness travel is a trend for 2021.

Holidays in 2021 are more than just the opportunity for some fun in the sun. For many, travelling in 2021 is a chance for long overdue relaxation and excitement, precious time in which to switch off and recover from the uncertainty and stress of the last year.

Wellness travel will mean something different to everyone. Whilst some clients will head straight to the spa, others will want to fill their days with outdoor activities to boost their serotonin and vitamin D. One thing is for sure, though – travellers will want an experience that goes beyond the ordinary and helps them escape the monotonous routine of their day-to-day life.

Wellness Travel in Sri Lanka

The best wellness retreats in Sri Lanka satisfy all self-care cravings, even with something as simple as the beauty and serenity of their surroundings, and all promise an exceptional and healing stay whether your client is seeking thrilling outdoor activities or yoga classes and relaxing spa treatments. Read on to discover the top 5 wellness retreats in Sri Lanka, as selected by our expert team.

Top 5 Wellness Retreats in Sri Lanka

1. Ulpotha

This back-to-basics wellness retreat is one of Sri Lanka’s best kept secrets. Hidden in a corner of the Cultural Triangle, Ulpotha is a no-electricity, no-signal, eco-focused escape, with simple wattle-and-daub huts laid out in the style of a traditional Sri Lankan village. Good-quality yoga classes, Ayurveda courses and treatments and gentle nature activities such as lake kayaking and cycling make up the days here. An oasis of peace for total disconnection.

2. Santani

A luxurious wellness resort of exceptional design perched high in the Kandyan foothills. Santani has won numerous global awards and is certainly the most high-end wellness retreat in Sri Lanka. Travellers live an Ayurveda-approved lifestyle with healthy food, no alcohol, and Ayurvedic treatments tailored to their exact requirements. Hiking through the surrounding Knuckles Mountain Range is encouraged. Full Ayurveda courses are available. Great views.

3. Talalla Retreat

Escape to one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots on Sri Lanka’s southern coastline and travellers can soothe their stress by practicing yoga to the sound of gently crashing waves. Accommodation is simple at Talalla Retreat, but for many this is unimportant – the garden and beach beyond are too idyllic to stay indoors. For the adventure traveller, there are some fantastic surfing spots nearby which come into season between December and March.

4. Rukgala Retreat

One of the newest Sri Lanka wellness retreats, Rukgala aims to bring together like-minded self-care seekers through exceptional yoga classes, exciting outdoor activities and relaxed communal dining. The rooms are elegant escapes for moments of isolated tranquillity, but most of your time here will be spent outdoors, either kayaking or paddle-boarding across the lake or going on guided treks through the picturesque Knuckles mountains, led by a naturalist.

5. Tri Lanka

Everything about this hotel, from location to design, invites travellers to rest and relax. Award-winning architect Raefer Wallis and photographer Rob Drummond blended sustainability with the ancient Greek theory of the golden ratio to create an eco-friendly space which the eye sees as perfectly beautiful. Practice yoga in the tree-top shala; indulge in Ayurvedic and international spa treatments; kayak or sail across Koggala Lake, or visit the nearby coast.