Why Sri Lanka is one of the safest destinations for post-Covid travel

Why Sri Lanka is one of the safest destinations for post-Covid travel

Although currently many countries remain in isolation due to Covid-19, we at The Fabulous Getaway are already looking ahead to the time when global travel resumes again. Like many of you, this relatively brief period of isolation has given us a newfound appreciation of our freedom to travel, and we are eager to continue helping others to experience the best Sri Lanka has to offer.

There is no doubt that this pandemic will change the way we travel in the near future, with health and safety heavily influencing our choice of destination, transport, accommodation and experiences, but we are confident that Sri Lanka will be recognised as one of the safest travel destinations in the world – for a number of reasons:

  1. Low number of coronavirus cases
    There have been comparatively few cases of Covid-19 in Sri Lanka thus far, with just 299 active cases as of 5th August and over 2,500 having already made a complete recovery.

  2. Proactive government regulations
    From imposing an eight-week island-wide curfew to producing detailed guidelines for hotels, restaurants and transport resuming operations post-lockdown, the Sri Lankan government have been proactive in putting in place effective policies to help limit the spread of the virus from as early as January 2020.

    On 10th August, Sri Lanka received the ‘Safe Travels’ stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council in recognition of the comprehensive health and safety measures the government has proposed to safeguard tourists during their holiday.

  3. Private chauffeur-guides for tours
    Unlike other destinations around the world, when travelling around Sri Lanka you use the same vehicle and chauffeur-guide throughout the tour rather than multiple separate transfers or public transport, and you are not required to take any internal flights. This dramatically reduces your contact with others.

  4. Sri Lanka is predominantly rural
    Sri Lanka remains largely a rural destination, with most of the island covered with vast swathes of countryside devoted to agriculture and untouched wilderness preserved for wildlife conversation. Despite its popularity as a beach destination, much of its coastline remains quiet and untouched by tourism. Its few cities can easily be avoided, or explored in a unique way away from the crowds.

  5. An abundance of small boutiques and villas
    You can easily avoid encountering other travellers by staying at some of the many small boutique hotels and private villas scattered around the island. There are high-standard options to suit all price ranges and tastes.

  6. Sri Lanka is largely uncluttered
    Despite enjoying several years of being ranked amongst the top holiday hotspots in the world, Sri Lanka is largely uncluttered and it is easy to escape the tourist trail should you wish to. Our talented team of trip designers can make recommendations for the best off-the-beaten-track retreats and experiences.

The safety of our clients has always been of paramount importance to us, and our expert trip planners will advise you on the route, accommodation and experiences which will enable your clients to explore Sri Lanka safely. They will also keep you abreast of the most up-to-date in-country information with regards to the virus.

The Sri Lankan government has already proposed several measures to safeguard visitors against Covid-19, and we are developing our own health and safety guidelines to ensure the well-being of our clients during their time in Sri Lanka, including the medical testing of our guides, sanitization of our vehicles and checking of the health and safety policies of our hotel partners. We will share increasingly detailed information regarding these health and safety precautions in the weeks to come.

Until then, stay inspired by checking out our collection of presentations which highlight the best Sri Lanka has to offer, and how you can incorporate these elements into your trip planning. We hope they give you plenty of inspiration for when you return to creating incredible Sri Lanka holidays for others.