Why Sri Lanka is the ultimate winter sun destination

There is no question that Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations for tourists seeking a warm winter escape. Here are our top 10 reasons why Sri Lanka is the ultimate winter sun destination.

1. The Weather

A winter sun destination must guarantee amazing weather – warmth, sunshine and as little rain as possible. Between December and March, Sri Lanka basks in endless 30-degree sun.

2. The Beaches

Whether you want exhilarating water-sports or simply to loll on golden sand and listen to the soothing sound of the waves, Sri Lanka has a safe swimming beach for you in winter.

3. The Wildlife

Elephants, leopards, whales, dolphins, monkeys, birds… The variety of animals in Sri Lanka is astounding, and with 26 national parks, it is easy to find the wildlife away from the crowds.

4. The People

If you are travelling over Christmas, the friendly faces you meet at all points of your journey will keep you feeling festive. Sri Lankans are some of the kindest people in the world.

5. The Trekking

During winter, Sri Lanka’s tea hills are cool, refreshing and bathed in sunlight. Trek through tea plantations, hike to sensational viewpoints or climb mountains for a summit sunrise.

6. The Food

In our eyes, Sri Lankan food is unmatched. It is becoming an ever-popular choice around the world. From fresh seafood to colourful curries, there’s no end of delicious dishes to try.

7. The Culture

A rich past woven from traditions and beliefs brought to Sri Lanka from around the world has led to this island having an extraordinarily diverse culture to be discovered.

8. The History

There’s no danger of boredom when exploring Sri Lanka’s history. From the clifftop hideouts of banished kings to ancient monasteries ideal for meditation, there is something for all.

9. The Country

Sri Lanka is incredibly diverse for its size. Within hours you can go from rainforest to beach, grassland to tea country, all via good roads in your own private a/c vehicle. No stress!

10. The Wellness

Discover Ayurveda, an ancient holistic healing practice; stay at a sensational spa; find peace on the pilgrimage up Adam’s Peak, and try yoga and meditation at a remote retreat.