“I take a lot of Sri Lankan tea
and convert it into science fiction.”
– Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Sri Lanka, a small miracle

Few islands in the world offer the diversity that exists in Sri Lanka, from ancient cities, to rich religious festivals, to colonial memories, to rolling tea plantations, to the best beaches in the Indian ocean, to an astonishing variety of bird and animal wildlife, and to a bustling and chaotic way of life, Sri Lanka intoxicates its visitors with its potpourri of cultures, religions, races, customs, its sheer natural beauty and its way of life.

Sri Lanka’s Seven Stories

Our ancient civilisation

Traverse dramatic historical sites to explore the beginnings of Buddhism and the great Sinhalese kingdoms.

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Ceylon tea

Escape the Sri Lanka's hills to see the iconic legacy of the British which changed the face of this region forever.

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Amazing wildlife

Extraordinary biodiversity - Go on safari in one of the many natural parks, and learn about Sri Lanka's complex relationship with elephants.

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Beautiful Beaches

Wander along the garden sands of secluded coves, try water sports and watch dramatic coastal sunsets.

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Sweet Cinnamon

Taste the purest cinnamon in the world, and indulge in an Ayurvedic massage using oils infused with this sweet spice.

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Inspiring architecture

Inspiring tropical architecture - See the striking works of Sri Lanka's most iconic architect, who was dubbed 'the father of Asian architecture'.

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Sri Lanka today

Discover how island's intricate history led to the creation of its multifaceted modern-day culture.

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