“I fell in love with the country, the people, and the way of life”
Leonard Woolf

Travelling to stretch, learn and grow

Formed when two of Sri Lanka’s most prestigious travel companies merged in 2015, TFG is a destination management company for Sri Lanka with a combined experience of over 30 years in designing and operating bespoke trips to Sri Lanka. We pride ourselves on having an unparalleled understanding of the island and use this knowledge to create tailor-made tours which go above and beyond the ordinary.

Based in Colombo, our Sales and Product teams live and breathe Sri Lankan culture – our advice on what’s hot and what’s not remains up-to-the-minute and fervently independent. We are constantly on the lookout for new properties and secret gems, and are passionate about developing unique experiences led by local hosts which allow travellers to get under the skin of Sri Lankan culture during their holiday.

What our travellers say about us

“I really appreciated your willingness to accommodate the client's very specific needs and requests. TFG is an absolutely wonderful on site partner and I love working with you guys.”

Rose, Rose O’Connor Travel, USA

“Thank you to the TFG team, for all of your tireless work. We've greatly appreciated everything and enjoyed working with you as always. We look forward to the next big trip!!”

Lenneke, Seven Skies, Australia

I do love dealing with an expert in the field.

Carl, Carl Henderson Travel, Canada

“Thank you again for helping me plan a fabulous trip to Sri Lanka. I really loved each of the locations and felt very well taken care of by our chauffeur guide. Look forward to recommending the destination to our clients in the future.”

Barkley, Local Foreigner, USA

“Everything looks great! TFG has been wonderful to work with, and I truly appreciate your efforts!”

Kim, DCM Travel, USA

“The chauffeur was a great fit for our client. Thank you for being so attentive to what would suit them”

Linda, Executive Edge, Australia

“I was very impressed with your beautiful country and the services and experiences that TFG is able to arrange.”

Tov, Footprints Travel, Canada

Planning a perfect trip

Sri Lanka punches way above its weight in that it is arguably one of the most complex and sophisticated destinations in Asia. Planning a trip to Sri Lanka involves making a long list of decisions. Deciding where to go and how long one should stay in each different location, deciding on whether to take a train or an internal flight to a particular destination. Deciding which hotel to choose amongst an increasing number of options. Finding and selecting a vehicle and a guide that understands your needs and is able to help you and your fellow travellers appreciate and understand Sri Lanka. We will help you put a plan in place that makes sense. We will give you options and help you weigh the pros and cons of each choice. We exist to minimize the complexity involved when planning a trip and maximize your clients return on life.

Profound connection

We want our clients to take back great memories of this island, so we spend a lot of time planning and creating innovative ways to do so. From hunting for hidden getaways to tracing people who know this island inside out, we are on the ball. Our clients will get the chance to connect with the island intimately, going beyond just the smiling faces and warm ‘Ayubowan’ they will receive. We yearn to allow our clients to give back to the society as much as they receive, even if it just by putting a smile on someone’s face.

The good guide

Sri Lanka is both logistically tricky and incredibly diverse. A trip around Sri Lanka involves driving around from one location to the next. Each stop is a new chapter, a new story. Good guides in Sri Lanka need to know their way around extremely well. They need to know the precise location of hotels, many of which are small places off the beaten path. They need to know how to avoid a cluttered highway and choose a more scenic backroad. And Sri Lanka’s incredible diversity means guides need to be able to talk about history, geography, religion, wildlife, architecture, society and contemporary affairs while at the same time personalize the service for clients from different cultures from all over the world. We are extremely proud of our guides. We cannot thank them enough for their thoughtfulness, flexibility, sense of responsibility and for the passion they bring to bear on a trip each and every time.

Operational excellence

Our service is more than just the best hotels; our aim is to go above and beyond a client’s expectation and to do this, we ensure each and every aspect of their holiday is looked at, in depth. This means we provide top notch vehicles – seatbelts, comfortable seats, drinking water, and air conditioning – coupled with knowledgeable, friendly and well-mannered chauffeur guides. Our attention doesn’t waver, right from the planning of a trip until the client leaves the island with nothing but happy times to reminisce upon. If you are looking for a white labelled holiday solution for your client, just let us know and we will ensure all those details are taken care of. Our mission is to share our knowledge to help our partners give their clients the most authentic and insightful travel experience of Sri Lanka. We will work closely with you behind the scenes to provide the service and expertise your clients expect, but will remain completely invisible to them we take white-labelling seriously. Whether your clients are seeking a luxury escape, family holiday, honeymoon or group tour, we can create their ideal itinerary. Your clients will also benefit from the use of our highly-praised multi-lingual chauffeur-guides, all of whom follow a strict Drivers’ Code which is unique to TFG and have a wealth of experience working in the industry.

Responsible and transformational travel

Responsible travel is about minimising the negative impact of our travels on the environment and the societies and cultures we travel to. Sri Lanka is a country with a history and culture that goes back thousands of years, and it is also considered one of the most biodiverse islands in the world. Tourist numbers have grown considerably in the past few years and the country and travel industry is adapting as quickly as it can. Our goal as a company and as an industry is to ensure we operate and manage our resources sustainably. The Fabulous Getaway has one of the most comprehensive and ambitious sustainability policies in the industry; from a program to reduce and offset our carbon emissions and a no-plastic policy to a guide and driver code with strong emphasis on sustainability and even ensuring that we develop and deliver sustainable experiences.

Events we attend

We are proud to be developing a network of representatives across the globe, including the UK, Europe and Australia, all of whom are on hand to assist our trade partners in real-time. We participate in several events and road shows each year in order to keep a finger on the pulse of what's happening in the industry and engage with our clients and partners.