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Trust us to help your clients explore Sri Lanka safely. Tap into our extensive knowledge of off-the-beaten-track Sri Lanka to create unique itineraries that go beyond the tourist trail, and take advantage of our new health and safety guidelines which prioritise client safety throughout their journey. Our special cancellation policy provides the additional assurance of flexible booking terms, giving clients the peace of mind they need to plan now.

We were one of the first Sri Lanka Destination Management Companies to receive the ‘Safe and Secure’ certificate from the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA), based on an independent review of our new health & safety guidelines conducted by KPMG Sri Lanka. Only travel companies with this accreditation can operate holidays in Sri Lanka going forward.

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How to plan the perfect trip to Sri Lanka: tips and insights to get it just right

Expand your knowledge of the island and learn how to create Sri Lanka itineraries which set you apart from the crowds, from specialised wildlife adventures featuring little-visited national parks to stays in immersive properties in glorious escapist locations.

Check out our first session, ‘Sri Lanka in Context’, an in-depth insight into Sri Lanka’s seven stories as told by Miguel Cunat, TFG’s Chief Experience Officer who has lived in Sri Lanka for 17 years.

Sri Lanka’s Seven Stories

Tell me why

One of the hallmarks of a great travel designer is to be able to provide meaning and context. A trip around Sri Lanka takes the inquisitive traveller into seven unique and fascinating worlds.


Sri Lanka’s Seven Stories

Our ancient civilisation

Traverse dramatic historical sites to explore the beginnings of Buddhism and the great Sinhalese kingdoms.


Sri Lanka’s Seven Stories

Ceylon tea

Escape the Sri Lanka's hills to see the iconic legacy of the British which changed the face of this region forever.


Sri Lanka’s Seven Stories

Amazing wildlife

Extraordinary biodiversity - Go on safari in one of the many natural parks, and learn about Sri Lanka's complex relationship with elephants.


Sri Lanka’s Seven Stories

Beautiful Beaches

Wander along the garden sands of secluded coves, try water sports and watch dramatic coastal sunsets.


Sri Lanka’s Seven Stories

Sweet Cinnamon

Taste the purest cinnamon in the world, and indulge in an Ayurvedic massage using oils infused with this sweet spice.


Sri Lanka’s Seven Stories

Inspiring architecture

Inspiring tropical architecture - See the striking works of Sri Lanka's most iconic architect, who was dubbed 'the father of Asian architecture'.


Sri Lanka’s Seven Stories

Sri Lanka today

Discover how island's intricate history led to the creation of its multifaceted modern-day culture.

  • Tell me why
  • Our ancient civilisation
  • Ceylon tea
  • Amazing wildlife
  • Beautiful Beaches
  • Sweet Cinnamon
  • Inspiring architecture
  • Sri Lanka today

Helping you get it just right

Where to go, when to go, why and how. Here’s where we pool our expert knowledge, our contacts, and 20 years of experience to provide you with loads of ideas and insider tips to help you plan the perfect trip.

Who We Are

We are an eclectic bunch on a fascinating journey - a voyage that started 20 years ago. We have a deep and emotional connection with the island. We love our ancient land, the variety of landscapes, the lakes, the flowers, the trees, the rice paddies, the tea plantations, the jungles, the rivers, the mountains and the ocean that surrounds us. We relish the quirks of our unique culture – our head-wiggles, the ubiquitous rice and curry and that every full moon is a holiday! We love a good plan. We love operational excellence and we love great feedback. Like the country we live in and love, we are a multi-ethnic and multi-faith organisation. We want to save Sri Lanka from the spoils of mass tourism, we love our children enough to care.


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“I really appreciated your willingness to accommodate the client's very specific needs and requests. TFG is an absolutely wonderful on site partner and I love working with you guys.”

Rose, Rose O’Connor Travel, USA

“Thank you to the TFG team, for all of your tireless work. We've greatly appreciated everything and enjoyed working with you as always. We look forward to the next big trip!!”

Lenneke, Seven Skies, Australia

I do love dealing with an expert in the field.

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“I was very impressed with your beautiful country and the services and experiences that TFG is able to arrange.”

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Sharing & Caring

We are conscious of the ever-increasing signs of human impact on the world we live in and want to do more than just our bit to make sure our imprint is positive. From maintaining maximum possible sustainability in our workplaces to ensuring the journeys we plan are friendly on the planet, we are committed to be change makers and impactful players in the industry.


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